The work Latitude Longitude will be represented by some sculptures, made out of local stone, with a convex steel disc reflecting fluctuations of the sky from different locations on the terrestrial globe.

A “terrestrial family” that will be constantly communicating with the celestial vault, under the sign of a “cosmic brotherhood”. A journey begun in 2001 with the first sculpture at the Museo Pecci in Prato.

An intercultural dialogue between territories whose distances from each other are not only geographical.

Every “culture” is shaped and develops in relation to others.

None of us exists as a self-sufficient substance, but rather as a weave of relationships in continuous transformation.

“Opposites” need to be “unified” not to make them identical, but “maintain their unity”.
A] Zenith direction, the axis connecting the stone and the sky.
B] Each location is like the “focal point” of a lens where the “rays” of space and time converge.
C] Sedimentation of all that flows between the specular lens and the sky.
D] A ritual orientation, a “solidarity between man and place, man and man”.


Diego Esposito – Venice, 30 October 2012